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Thread: Ziio questions

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    Ziio questions

    I've bought a ZiiO 0 .
    Have so far ~ 50 apps and Games tested.
    As is well known to all, many matters do not run correctly on the ZiiO.

    What creative thinking about currently ZiiO firmware? Its Stable enugh?

    Is Android?2.3 or 3.x planned for ziios ?

    Is AC3 Sound support Planed? (90% of my hd movies have ac3 sound only...)

    I still have 0 days right of return to amazon. Have no loss to keep a tablet where the producer has already dropped ...

    I can still remember at the X-Fi?catastrophic Soundcard drivers ..
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    Re: Ziio questions?


    Sorry but this is just a discussion forum. We can't comment on future development plans.

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