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Thread: X-Fi (SB0460) Not Recognized in Win 7

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    X-Fi (SB0460) Not Recognized in Win 7?

    Card was working fine until I got a new SSD dri've. Did a new Win7 installation and now Device Manager show an unidentified "Multimedia Audio Controller".

    Tried installing the following driver sets:
    • SBXF_PCDRV_LB_2_8_003?<
    • SBXF_PCDRV_LB_2_8_005?<
    • SBXF_PCDRVBETA_US_2_8_005?<
    Nothing seems to work. After installing a set of drivers nothing is shown in the Programs listing either.

    Any ideas?
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    Re: X-Fi (SB0460) Not Recognized in Win 7

    It's not just you, or the SSD dri've I think...
    My card was working fine just within the last week or two and now I get the same thing. And that's with no hardware changes.

    I now have a red circle with a white X over my speaker icon in the systray and in the device manager I see 'Unknown Device'. This is after attempting to install the SBXF_PCDRV_LB_2_8_005 drivers for Win7_64. the 003 drivers which had worked in the past also will not install.

    For no apparent reason the card has stopped working and the drivers lock up my system when installing them forcing a hard reboot. Upon reboot I get the Unknown device indicator which states that the drivers for the device are not installed. I try to update the drivers and none can be found. I attempt to choose from the list which drivers to install and no Creative or SoundBlaster options are listed.

    Windows recognizes the dri've as a Multimedia Audio Controller just as yours does until I attempt to install the Creative drivers. Once I do that, Windows does not recognize the dri've at all. Attempting to re-run the driver install I get the same thing.
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    Re: X-Fi (SB0460) Not Recognized in Win 7Q

    I've had similar issues as well as the disappearing sound problem so many are reporting. I have fixed this particular problem by uninstalling the drivers, removing the card, booting up without the card... Then shut down, reinstall the card, reinstall the drivers. Fixed...

    Its a pain, but it has worked in the past.
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    Re: X-Fi (SB0460) Not Recognized in Win 7y

    Hasn't worked for me.

    To be honest, I'm so sick and tired of having to buy a new soundcard each time there's a new operating system release that I'm ready to drop Creative altogether. It took a year for Creative to release working drivers for Windows Vista and half the functionality disappeared. Software options that existed under WindowsXP disappeared when updating the software to the Vista compatible software when it did finally come out.

    When I put the card into a new machine running Win7_64 it took me a day or two to get the thing working and then it only worked using the Daniel_K drivers. Now my $200 Fatalty Platinum card is a door stop.

    It could be a bad card in this case, but it's just another glitch in a long line of glitches that Creative is reluctant and/or slow to provide timely updates for.

    With Creative releasing a new product every 3-4 years you'd think they'd do a much better job of keeping existing products compatible with all operating systems, the ones in use when the card came out all the way up to the ones in use today. I would think that would mean that my card should be 100% compatible (card, drivers, and software) with all operating systems between WinXP and Windows 7 including the 64bit edition.

    Support and back up your product, don't EoL it just because you want to sell a new card.

    Oh, and on that note... Why is it that a new Fatalty Titanium card was released in 2008/2009, the box still says works with Windows Vista and they just slap a sticker on the box saying that it works with Win7? What they don't tell you on the box is that it works only if you go to the website and download the Windows 7 patches and fixes in order to get it to work... That box should include working software and drivers for Windows 7 64bit edition, not the same disks that came out 3 years ago.
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