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Thread: Problem E-MU 1616M PCI & Win 7 x64

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    Re: Problem E-MU 1616M PCI & Win 7 x64

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    Re: Problem E-MU 1616M PCI & Win 7 x64

    I have 1616 with 1212m PCIe and it works in Windows 7 Ultimate x64) without any problems I record alot of vinyl at 96/24 and 192/24 using Wavelab 6.1 ASIO so I don't get why it wouldn't work for you.Have a look at as link it may help:http://www.swee****
    For things unknown it will not let me post the link find and read it it may help its at sweet
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    Re: Problem E-MU 1616M PCI & Win 7 x64

    Here's to write you after a long time.
    I received E-MU 1010 PCIe card upgrade. I ordered the card from Musikhaus Thoman.(

    Drivers and applications I installed without problems on Windows 7 64 bit.
    I am interested in whether the sound card is now working on 64 bit. After installing it is written that by default folder is Program Files(x86) directory.

    You'd have more questions:
    1. First I'd like to take the old card 1010. I'm interested is it possible that my old card (1010 PCI) connected with an extra PCI card from 1212m?

    2. If it is possible to perform. Where could I buy just the extra card (1212m). Of course with it should go and cables to connect the 1010 PCI card?

    Sorry for my English language.
    Greetings from Serbia

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    Re: Problem E-MU 1616M PCI & Win 7 x64

    FWIW, the link to the email form produces a server error. Am guessing there IS no server anymore. The current support ticket form also produces an error, stating to contact the non-contactable Webmaster. Why doesn't Creative just post a "gone out of business" sign on the E-mu site and stop wasting our time?

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