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Thread: Zen touch 2 with GPS some question.

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    Zen touch 2 with GPS some question.

    I had Zen touch 2 standard version but now I return it to the shop that I bought already.
    Because I thought it was with GPS. Now I want to buy with GPS from creative website.
    But I wonder what else with GPS version can do more then GPS, Compass and FM.

    1. Do zen touch 2 can access to Android market in the future? (Because I want some application from android market but in Ziio space don't have it)

    2. Do you have any plan to make Zen touch 2 with gps has <span style="font-weight: bold; font-style: italic;">Cell phone tethering fuction? (Achos have it, but I don't want to buy achos yet because they don't have GPS in the same price model as zen touch 2)

    3. Do you will put Equalizer fuction in the future? Because now Zen touch 2 use Android 2.2 that can't install "Equalizer" app because it's need android 2.3.

    So your answer will be my decision that I'll buy it or not.
    Thank you.
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    Re: Zen touch 2 with GPS some question.$

    Re: Zen touch 2 with GPS some question. Hi!

    With the GPS, you also get a FM Radio and a compass;
    Just saying the detection of your position works, but sometimes, it could be very long to do, comparing to others Android smartphones, that are nearly automatic.

    1. I did research about how to activate it (I'm rooted), and yes, you can do it with the ZiiO, but I haven't found anything regarding the Touch 2;

    2. Don't know, sorry.

    3. Perhaps some music player does have an equalizer (PlayerPro?)

    I recommend you to get an Android smartphone instead, it's way more fluid (I'm using a LG-Optimus One); sure there are some advantages that the Touch 2 have over others (Since he has a v7 processor, Flash works, my LG doesn't do.);
    However, be aware that you won't be able to replace the battery, and that Creative absolutely won't help you to do it!

    I'll tell you more about this later, now I'm a little bit in a rush, sorry.

    Your welcome, by the way!
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    Re: Zen touch 2 with GPS some question.


    Sorry, Android Market is not available, I have no information about those features you've mentioned at this point. It would be advisable to focus on what is available rather than features that aren't available yet.

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    Re: Zen touch 2 with GPS some question

    Thank you for your answered.

    Actually I want Zen touch 2 can use Cell phone tethering? fuction that allow you to connect internet via mobile phone, that's mean I might can use GPS anywhere without wifi. Because I read many articles about GPS in Zen Touch 2 that it's not working good when without wifi ( because it dosen't have Services?). So I hope second solution that maybe I can connect internet from Zen touch 2 to my mobile phone.

    PS. I was using PlayerPro, it worked pretty well. but I also wonder what creative suggestion for EQ app.
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    Re: Zen touch 2 with GPS some question

    Finally, I just ordered Zen touch 2 with GPS. I'll try to find tethering apps? by myself(Now android market blocked them).

    I hope I'll get it soon (not over 22 Sep 20).
    Thank you everybody for your answers.

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    Re: Zen touch 2 with GPS some question.

    You ordered it quickly!

    I was just about to post my review, recommending your a better option! :/
    Here it is, anyways:

    For the GPS, I recommend using the APP Locus, since it allows you to download maps and view them offline; however, just as I said, it can take up to 5 min. for it to find your position (No kidding) !

    Since you say you'll be using the GPS quite often, it might frustrate you that it's very long to find your position; most of the time, it's just too long, so I close the APP.


    - Great processor; Flash Player works perfectly, and it isn't even compatible with my LG !
    - Again, the processor: 3D games emulators *boot* (N64 and PSX). They? boot, but are slow and not very enjoyable; in comparaison, they don't even start on my LG.
    - As for 2D emulators, they run smoother than on my LG; *but* there's no multitouch. :/
    - Great ammount of internal memory; if you getting the model "8Gb" with GPS, it won't be 8gb, but 4; however, you can always use a microSD card up to 32Gb; my LG only has... 200Mb of internal memory ! That's annoying!? Sure, it also have a Microsd slot, but 200 mb of internal memory is way too low!
    You won't have storage space problem with the Touch 2 !


    - The unit itself look pretty solid; people dropped it twice, and it still works.
    - Cheap, of course; an alternati've to iPod;
    - Rootable in one-click with Z4Root (tested);

    Bad (From here, read carefully):

    - No multitouch. It's too bad, since emulators run smoother on this unit, but without multitouch, it's harder to play (not imposible depending on the number of buttons you'll be using, still fun, but harder). And for Android games, thoses designed to be played only with multitouch will be... unplayable.
    - The unit freeze a lot, depending on the number of APPs you have; you'll have to reset it often. Resets aren't good for the unit!? My LG NEVER frozed - and it's also Android 2.2., same as the ZEN Touch. I have a bunch of APPs installed, and it's still really fast!
    - Android Market does not work at all !? You are obligated to download APK files manually everytime, or use SlideME, a much smaller market. This is really frustrating!
    - GPS is too slow to find your position !
    - Online browsing is kind of slow with lot of APPs installed, sometimes, the browser just close for no reason. Absolutely don't do that on my LG, and still blazing fast !


    - The company, Creative Labs does not encourage self-repair; so when your Touch 2 battery will die in maybe 2 years or maybe even less, your one year guaranty will be finished, so you won't be able to do anything. Creative don't want to give me any instructions on how to open the player (my battery is still fine, just wanted to know in advance), and they don't even tell me the battery type of the Touch 2 !? So you may want the battery replacement being done by a repairer but... What can you do if you don't even know the type of battery? Nothing ! X(? What do they suggest me? Buy another player, of course! <<

    So basically, you're paying for a unit that should last around 2 years (depending on your behaviour)!? Beware!

    For more info about this, check my thread:

    (This info is not so known to the public, for now.)


    I think I'm done with my review; so, I really don't recommend you buying it, maybe just because of the last point alone!? It's OK, for an MP3 Player, but the company kill it. If you want to pay for a unit that'll last about 2 years, it's your choice..

    You can always get an iPod (Yeah, never liked Apple too. But are they better than Creative? In my opinion, YES!) ?
    What I recommmend the most, is an Android smartphone: LG Optimus One is cheap, still excellent. Always fast. Replacable battery. Amazing battery life!

    Trust me, it's going to be more expensi've, but you really won't regret it!

    I'm still using my Touch 2 for listening to music, playing emulators and browsing (don't have many APPs, I unistalled a lot, so the speed is fine) using Flash Player.

    But honnestly, my LG is way better!


    Well, you already ordered it, I hope you'll enjoy it, as I mostly did at the beggining, before knowing the flaws.
    I don't know if you can cancel your order, but that's your decision anyways.


    What you think of the price?

    I wasn't ready to get a cellphone, because of the price, but when I received it as a gift, I was way happier with it then my ZEN.
    You're basically getting the Touch 2 features, plus extras, and super stable!

    Again, I highly recommend it.

    If tethering is what you're looking for, it's fairly possible that the Touch 2 does not support this. Actually, this is way more probably that a smartphone, such as the LG Optimus One support it.
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    Re: Zen touch 2 with GPS some question.

    Thank you for your answer.

    Yes, I also afraid that what you said. But for now my decision is from price and where I can get warranty.

    I also found another player that is the best choice but it's almost not in the market any more in Netherland.

    Samsung Galaxy Player G50 8GB (Open GL graphic that mean can run 3D games smoother) it's can do everything that creative Zen touch 2 should can do.

    But It's hardly to order it, so I have to looking for another players, and actually I want it's not over then 50 euro.

    I don't want new smartphone yet becasue I still have Nokia N96 and nokia ovi map and I still have map lisence for year.

    That why I don't want to pay for smartphone yet. I also was looking with Ipod touch but I don't like apple that you never end

    about to buy there accesories and the price In Netherland is 200 Euro.

    actually I also looking for zen x-fi 2 but one thing that t's not android.

    Now I can't do much about it yes I want to buy Samsung Galaxy S but? that's over my budget.

    So my decision is zen touch 2 for now.

    PS. I would try locus map and sygic as the same time.
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    Re: Zen touch 2 with GPS some question.

    Ok; That's your choice.

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