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Thread: Xboard and Proteus x2 On Windows 7

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    Xboard and Proteus x2 On Windows 7

    Ok, So i love the xboard and the software that comes with it.
    My current set up is using windows xp.

    I'm soon to switch to Windows 7 64bit.

    I keep reading that the proteus x2 software will not work on windows 7 64bit.

    What can one do to keep using this software, I'm guessing and i have read that Emulator x3 will work fine on Windows 7 (though the specifications about Emulator x3 doesn't actually mention windows 7 64 bit).

    Will all the soundsets that came with the proteus x work on windows 7/ be seen by emulator x3?

    Or will i only be able to use the Xboard and the Xboard control software on windows 7 64bit.

    What can i safely do.

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    Re: Xboard and Proteus x2 On Windows 7


    Yes Emulator X3 seems to be working in Windows 7 and VISTA just fine. I beleive there may be some issues with some effects and some issues using the X-Convert.

    Emulator X 2 and Emulator X will not work though and Proteus X and Proteus X 2 as well.
    Prteus VX will work but is limited to only the samples that comes with the application.


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    Re: Xboard and Proteus x2 On Windows 7

    I just found a way to get Proteus X2 and Emulator X2 to run in win7, standalone.... it seemed tricky running in compatablity mode. some how the copy protection was keeping it from happening, but then it worked. A anti-virus message came up, I instead let the trojan horse pass...
    Once again I found a suprise.. and want to share that it is possible,, I hope I could run the synths in VSTi mode with the DAWs, I could only get Cakewalk to run it.

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    Re: Xboard and Proteus x2 On Windows 7

    sorry for bumping an old thread but I am trying to get this working as well. I love Proteus X2 and I refuse to pay $300 to upgrade just so it works right. How did you get it working correctly? I am using Sonar X1 and when I open Proteus X2 inside as a vsti I get a grey window and nothing else

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    Re: Xboard and Proteus x2 On Windows 7

    Yes an old thread indeed....
    However,, Some of us may still be using proteus x2 on an every day basis.
    Has anyone tried using the patch for xmidi drivers successfully, and made x2 run on a 64 bit machine?

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    Re: Xboard and Proteus x2 On Windows 7

    Yeah now you can use proteus VX as a VSTi... I suggest that.. It's the same thing except not being able to edit parameters. After I posted and finally was able to use both Emulator x2 and Proteus X2 as stand alone in normal mode in win 7 32 bit. They stopped working as VSTi until I got EMU X3 which then I received the Emulator X VSTi... Strange thing afoot... However it can still be dysfunctional. Why I could use the programs vsti in cakewalk "I Don't know' but they did until I fixed something that was wrong.

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