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Thread: Gameport Driver Support Available for Windows 7 (and Vista)

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    Gameport Driver Support Available for Windows 7 (and Vista)

    This based on the Vista Gameport package posted on the creative Vista forum [url=">here[/url]. Basically, it involves an additionally step of manually installing the gamepad controller driver after installing the game port driver. I’ve included these updated instructions along with the necessary fileshere[/b]. This is based on the files and instructions in the package from Daniel Kawakami ([url=. . . Windows-Vista/Gameport-support-pack-for-Vista-32-bit-x86-updated-on-07-07-2009/m-p/386462?view=by_date_ascending">daniel_k[/url]), the original poster on the Creative Labs forum. I take no credit for the work of Daniel Kawakami other than to modify his instructions to allow it to work for Win7. Since I had decided to make this available to others that may be in the same situation, I took the opportunity to update some of the files in original package. The original package had very old files (i.e., 2003), so I extracted the “ctgame.sys” files from the latest (2010) Audigy driver package from the Creative website. These are now included in the hacked package. I also took the opportunity to modify the “inf” files to reflect the newer date of the files. So when you go into “Device Manager” to look at the driver details, Windows doesn’t show that your drivers are dated “2000,” which makes it look like your drivers are from the Win9x era! These are purely cosmetic changes (except for the updated “ctgame.sys” files), but I thought I would make it available since I was already going post the modified instructions to get it to work under Win7. The instructions are included the packagehere[/b].

    Remember, you will need to have “admin” privileges to install these drivers and it’s recommend that disable UAC before starting. I always have it off, but you can certainly re-enable UAC after installation is completed, if you feel naked without your UAC. This hack is confirmed to work with Windows 7 32-bit if the installation instructions are followed correctly. This may also work in Windows 7 64-bit, but I haven’t tried it since none of my Win7 64-bit systems have game ports. If you decide to try it with 64-bit Windows, please let me know if it works, and I will update the information in the package. Hope others can make use of this.:smileyhappy:

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    Re: Gameport Driver Support Available for Windows 7 (and Vista)

    Hi Lankshire! Thx for this work.

    I'm still frustrated ='(.
    I'm running on Win7 64bits.

    1st step is fine. Creative Driver is correctly installed.
    2nd step is fine too. I found the GamePort Control Panel without any suggestion as you warned about.

    I'm stuck on step 1A =(
    Windows refused to install any driver from your archive. (I have Sidewinder GamePad Pro, etc etc)
    Reason: driver not compatible with 64bits.

    I'm begging you: can you try to "translate" this driver into 64bits version ?

    For the record, I worked at Microsoft ... I looked everywhere on internal servers . (sometimes there's some beta drivers...). Nothing =(

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    Re: Gameport Driver Support Available for Windows 7 (and Vista)

    Hey LezarD,

    Sorry to hear that it didn't work for you. Unfortunately, I'm not skilled enough to create a 64-bit version of the driver. I only modified the existing 32-bit drivers. Daniel_K did the same thing when he took the existing 32-bit Creative gameport drivers for XP and modded it to install on Vista x86. I went a step further and made it installable on Win7 x86.

    The problem is that 32-bit programs can run on x64 systems because of the WoW64 (Windows 32-bit on Windows 64-bit). The WOW64 subsystem of the Windows OS is what makes a 64-bit system capable of running 32-bit applications. Essentially, WOW64 is a type of emulator that switches the processor hardware from its 64-bit mode to compatibility mode when it becomes necessary to execute a 32-bit thread, and then handles the switch back to 64-bit mode.

    WOW64, however, does not work with hardware drivers. The hardware drivers must have native 64-bit drivers in order for the hardware to properly interface with the 64-bit OS. Unfortunately, as far as I know, Creative (nor anyone else) has ever written a 64-bit driver for the old gameport controllers. Had anyone created a driver for WinXP x64, then I may be able to help.

    This may be your excuse to purchase a new USB gamepad! Keep us posted if you do find answer to installing the gameport on on Windows x64.

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    Re: Gameport Driver Support Available for Windows 7 (and Vista)

    so lame ^^.

    I'll check my CD from SideWinder. Maybe there's a version for XP 64bits... yes I know, i'm dreaming...
    It's not possible to take any generic 64bits driver ? it's not existing?

    Do you think this kind of file could be natively on WinXP 64bits ? I can check this out if needed.

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    Re: Gameport Driver Support Available for Windows 7 (and Vista)

    I honestly don't know if the gameport controller drivers were included in WinXP x64. It doesn't hurt to look.

    Don't forget, you will need 64-bit drivers for the gameport controller and the sidwinder gamepad itself.

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    Re: Gameport Driver Support Available for Windows 7 (and Vista)

    hello all,
    I installed the modified driver for windows 7 (, in device manager I do not have the yellow triangle but tells me the game port is not supported

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    Re: Gameport Driver Support Available for Windows 7 (and Vista)


    i've installed KX Driver for my SB Live! under Vista and W7 this works well.
    It wasn't a problem to install gameport, it is listed in Device Manager and works.

    In Vista i had Gamecontroller Panel and GamePort Panel, but in Windows 7 only Gamecontroller Panel.

    I need GamePort Control Panel to install Siderwinder FF Pro.

    GamePort Control Panel cannot found in Windows 7 and i want to know why.
    Any suggestions about it. And i want to download modified W7 filepack for gameport.

    Thx for helping.


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    Re: Gameport Driver Support Available for Windows 7 (and Vista)

    Hi. I'm a newbie and I have a SB Audigy 2 ZS and I'm trying to get drivers to work with Win7 Pro 64bit. I have an ordinary analog joystick with no force feedback. Please send latest driver to my email, since is no longer available.

    Thank you for your time,


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