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Thread: skype video call on ZiiO 7"?

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    skype video call on ZiiO 7"?

    Tried latest skype 2.5 video call on ZiiO7", can see another side video but cannot see mine(even myself cannot). what's wrong?

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    Re: skype video call on ZiiO 7"?


    Skype is a third-party software, I can't really comment about this. Maybe other users may want to chime in and talk about it.

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    Re: skype video call on ZiiO 7"?

    I have the same problem. It's looks like my camera didn't started or didn't send any data. The other person in Skype was seen very well. Is there a way to check the video camera. I've never use it so I don't know for sure is it working.

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    Re: skype video call on ZiiO 7"?

    No Froyo based android device can use the front camera. I'm not sure why that kind of suport wasn't included in the kernel (?) but it isn't. So you can only use the rear camera, which we don't have anyway
    Using Skype works great except, you can't send your video, you can only see the video from the person you're calling,

    At some point we MUST get gingerbread on this device! If creative won't do it they should at least help us install CM7 or some other gingerbread implementation.

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    Re: skype video call on ZiiO 7"?

    I just purchased a WaWaYaYa version of the Ziio7 and it has Froyo as the build level.
    I loaded Skype 2.5 to it - and the Instant messages work - but the Video and audio both drop connection when used. I would like to upgrade the firmware to the latest Ziio7 level with the hope that the skype problem will be fixed.. However there is no upgrade path from to ?

    can anyone help? will upgrading the firmware help with the Skype problem?

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    Re: skype video call on ZiiO 7"?

    Try upgrading the firmware. With the latest firmware, Skype voice calls will be supported. Video calls still won't work, though.
    This is a problem with the out-dated Android 2.2 version on this device. Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) was the first version with native support for the front camera.

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    Re: skype video call on ZiiO 7"?

    Thanks - but I'm waiting for a response with regards to the firmware... the firmware upgrades supplied so far do NOT include one from to or as mentioned in my previous post.

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