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Thread: Tactic 3D Alpha microphone problems

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    Tactic 3D Alpha microphone problems

    I recently purchased a Tactic 3D Alpha headset and I'm quite satsfied with it--except that the microphone hasn't been working. I installed all the drivers and such from the website and it still seems not to work. I'm certain everything is plugged in correctly. The mic itself is snugly plugged into the headset, and both plugs are snugly plugged into the USB adapter. Having no sound problems on my end--just mic not working.

    Image of my mic settings:

    <img border="0" src=" ">

    Currently running Windows 7 Professional x64.

    I followed all the instructions in [url=">this knowledgebase article,[/url] with no apparent change.

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    Re: Tactic 3D Alpha microphone problems


    Did this happen right out of the box or was the microphone working previously?
    Please remove the USB adapter and connect the headset directly to your sound card/onboard sound. Do you hear anything from your mic?

    Lastly, remove the microphone and connect the mic directly to the Mic In of your sound card/onboard sound . Do you hear anything from your mic?

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