I just want to say, that Creative should at least reconsider chnages into the drivers download section.

First at all, it bothering to install driver and then patch over it - what about patch the drivers before install, so user can DL the latest drivers ALREADY patched (EAX4, for example) and that it is?

Well, Creative seems to like do things the bad way, tm.

Anyway, into the thread " WHERE??" was mentioned the problem, everyone trying to DL SoundBlaster Li've 5. drivers enconter - is impossible to find the SBLW-XPWEB-WEB-W3-US file, unless someone do SEARCH for the "Li'veDrvUni" :angry:

Now this is trully HORRIFIC method to get a driver and this VERY VERY important (and also very big) file should be LISTED into the drivers filelist for SB 5. downloads, when one looking for them, and not being hidden somewhere, only god know where...

Just to say that this IS pretty crazy and should be fixed into the downloads section.

I was only managed to find the file I need, because I used Google to find the SBLW-XPWEB-W3-US file and second of Google results point to this thread, where Jeremy-CL explained (and locked the thread :smileysurprised that one has to seach for the "Li'veDrvUni" to get to the desperately need file.

Now this is the most hard "get driver" thing I heard about in past ten years at least.

Creative - thumbs up for making reasonably good soundcards and thumb down for the www site download section and especially THIS nasty and still NOT FIXED problem....