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Thread: Forum FAQ's Read this First

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    Forum FAQ's Read this First

    Dear Forum Members,

    We have upgraded the Forums platform. As with any migration, there are differences between the two platforms that we need to address. But more importantly, our goal is to minimize any inconveniences to you our valued members.

    Please refer to the following FAQ which will address the majority of your questions as much as possible.

    • What happened to my account?
      While we have kept members accounts and details, we do not hold any personal or confidential information such as your password. These are all encrypted by our vendor and there is no way for us to know or change these details. 

    • Why do I need to reset my password?
      In order to ensure that your postings and relevant information remain secure, we highly recommend that you follow the instructions provided on the email we sent you.
    • What happened to my postings?
      Moving a 10-year old forum is no easy task. While the majority of your postings have been migrated, the structure and how VBulletin handles each account and posting is now slightly different than before. During the migration, some of the encrypted codes that were removed have affected some characters within the postings. This caused some words to disappear. The forum team had a massive undertaking to clean up the postings, and we are talking about thousands of inter-linked postings accumulated from approximately 10 years of forum activity. For this reason, you may still see some of them with strange html codes. If you spot anything amiss, do not hesitate to inform any of the moderators. During the cleanup, the moderators spent a considerable amount of time to maintain the accuracy of the content. 

    • Do I still get to keep my ranking/status?
      Yes. This includes post counts but not the kudos, signature and avatar. If for some reason that your ranking or post count is not shown, please let us know via this feedback thread.
    • “Help! Some of my messages are missing!”
      Drop us a line here and we'll take a look. We don't promise miracles, but we will try our best. 

    • Some of my postings/hyperlinks are broken. What did you do?
      Many of the postings and messages were accumulated through the years. As with any other forums, postings and content get out-dated and may not be relevant now. Many links to external sites have also changed since, resulting in either broken links or a redirect to generic page(s). Links within the Forums and those that were linked to other sub-forums are also changed, due to the different Forum structure. We have disabled all outdated links to external sites, images and even to the sub-forums within this site. We will want to keep as much of the Forums intact, and this will be an on-going effort. If you spot any missing links, you are welcome to change them, within all your postings, or just drop us a direct message here and we will take care to update it.

    • Exactly what did you guys cleanup?
      During the migration, we had to create and run certain scripts to strip away some of the incompatible codes that are not applicable to the new site. This was to get as much of the original content out as possible. Some html tags were affected, resulting in both unclosed tags and content. We basically removed those html tags e.g. bold, font type and bulleted points.
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