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Thread: Vidcap on Windows7 ?

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    Vidcap on Windows7 ?

    Does anyone know how to get Vidcap (the video capturing app for AUDIGY 2 ZS Video Editor box) to work on Windows7 (64-bit) ?
    I can see audio-drivers are now available for Wi7 but Vidcap ????
    (so far my trials to get it working under WiXP compatiblity mode were unsuccessful)

    thanks for your help;

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    Re: Vidcap on Windows7 ?


    All I can see is a Windows Vista version of the Vidcap software. I am not aware of a Windows 7 version because this product has already been classified as end of service

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    Re: Vidcap on Windows7 ?

    The -Vidcap- Windows Vista version does not work under Wi7 , not even under compatibilty mode.
    Also using Windows Virtual PC under Wi7 (to 'fully' emulate XP) does not revive the Vidcap (for XP) version.
    Note ....Audio is never a problem ...that's fine and even under Wi7 new drivers were made available.
    It is really the video-part ....

    I really think it is something customized and driver/hardware driven which only Creative can comment on I guess.
    And potentially something small ....once you know what it is....
    A real pitty as I was using this setup to digitize all my analog stuff and now am probably forced to look at other options
    (which will probably never work as good)

    If Creative or someone else could give me some hints to revive Vidcap ?

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    Re: Vidcap on Windows7 ?


    I have exactly the same issue. I'm under windows10 64 bits and the soundcard now works properly with the latest drivers available... but only for the audio part
    Does anyone has an idea of how to make vidcap work ? or is there any other software to import video ?
    Thanks, because this card was very good!

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