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Thread: Cannot change language to Czech

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    Cannot change language to Czech

    Hello guys, when I start my ZIIO10 it says something about crashed application for stopped unexpectedly.
    It is after fw update, I tried all factory resets possible, even power and + option.
    Also when I change language to Czech, after restart it is again english. But on the language screen I can see CZ sign instead of US.
    How can I solve this?

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    Re: Cannot change language to Czech

    Hello guys, anyone has got any idea? I am desperate. Since the beginning I have problems with this device.
    I would like to try other reset. Maybe with ADB. Could somedy explain me how to do it?
    I also tried reflashing with the firmware and no change.

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    Re: Cannot change language to Czech


    I would suggest you take this up with customer support for further assistance since you have already tried reflashing the firmware.

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