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Thread: Linux outperforms Windows for sound quality

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    Linux outperforms Windows for sound quality

    I recently switched from a Windows-only system to a dual boot Linux/Windows system. The following Linux shell command exposes all of the native controls for your Creative sound card. This is a richer set of controls than is available with Windows.

    Here is the shell command:

    $ alsamixer

    This command provides a GUI that cannot accept input from your mouse. You press your left|right arrow keys to move from control to control. You press your up|down arrow keys to adjust slider controls. You press the M key to toggle switches.

    For surround sound there are level controls called "3D Control – Center", "3D Control – Depth", and an On|Off switch that appear on the first screen. If you keep on pressing the right arrow key, you pass through a series of PCM controls, after which you will reach an analogue level control labeled "Surround." These are the relevant native sound card controls that I know about.

    I hope the group Moderator will post links to documentation on how to use the native sound card controls exposed by Alsamixer. One important task I do not know how to carry out is switching between CMSS and CMSS 2. The latter version of CMSS adds simulated room reflections to the surround sound. I prefer my surround sound without simulated room reflections, so I do not want to use CMSS 2.

    I hope this information about using Creative sound cards on Linux is helpful to the community at large. Having access to my sound card's native controls allows me to enjoy more impressive surround sound than I was able to achieve with the more limited controls Windows provided.
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    Re: Linux outperforms Windows for sound quality

    Probably better to ask this on ubuntuforums, for example here.

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    Re: Linux outperforms Windows for sound quality

    All that alsamixer do is done on CODEC chip layer, in AC97/HDA registers, this is also how KX drivers works. Creative SB Live+ architecture are AC97 (and HDA starting from PCI-E parts) compliant, so ALSA & KX drivers just bypass Creative chip (except its DMA engines and AC/HDA bus controller) and work with CODEC itself, cause Creative just purchase CODEC chips from vendors, which all are AC97/HDA compliant and its datasheets (as well as HDA specification itself) are open for all. Yes, many CODEC chips also have a little DSP capabilities.

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    Re: Linux outperforms Windows for sound quality

    Can Linux use hardware EAX yet like in Audigy 2 ZS?

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