I originally posted under this title but I can no longer find the thread so am starting a new one. Here is my original text;

I recently contacted you for replacement under warrenty of my Sound Blaster Tactic3D headset. You authorized me to ship it back for repair or replacement. You instructed me to indicate the value but make sure it was marked for replacement under warrenty to avoid customs and brokerage charges. I did so. I have received a replacement headset. Thank you. However, your company did not follow it's own advice. When the replacement product arrived at my door I was charged by UPS a total of $17.52 for brokerage fees and GST taxes, because the shipping info indicates it was a new sale, not a replacement under warrenty. I have tried unsuccessfully to find a phone number through which I could talk to a representative of your company in person. All I could get was a customer service phone number at Amazon.com. I purchased the headset in Canada. I feel someone at your shipping department made an error in shipping my replacement under warrenty headset and as a result I was charged for fees that should not have been charged. It seems simple to me. Your shipping department should have followed the same advice and shipped the headset marked as warrenty replacement, not Error:

Now two months later, I am happy to report that I have received a check for $17.52 to cover the above mentioned costs. Thank you Sound Blaster. It took a long time and it was hard to find out how to reach the appropriate people to address this, but it has satisfactoryily been addressed and my faith is restored in Sound Blaster. Hopefully the problems people have with contacting you are also being addressed. Thank you.