Good day all

Have done some searching, but no solution yet. Hopefully someone has some insight.

First noticed while gaming (Battlefield 3)
Playing the game, and like in a few other games, the sound begins to stutter. Now I have seen that this is when the PCI bus become saturated with data (makes sense).

Usually, stopping, and going to the game menu for a few seconds solves this.

In Battlefield, it will do this, and then drop the Dolby Live / Digital signal.
I have the Elite Pro break-out box connected to the Creative / Cambridge speaker system via Optical.

Only way to sort this, is to swap out from the game, change to another audio mode, back again, and then disable and re-enable Dobly Live.

Now, I have also noticed, while playing some MP3's via Winamp (a program I have used since it first launched) that the Dolby Digital light on the speaker amp was flickering.

Anyone have any ideas, tips, etc.?
As a matter of interest, which drivers would you recommend? The latest have been in beta for forver now.

Thank you, in advance.