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Thread: Sound Blaster Sigma 3D issues.

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    Sound Blaster Sigma 3D issues.

    So, about a year ago I got the sigma 3D for my birthday right? They worked excellently for what I do, I am a gamer. Then one day the mic stops registering my voice in a low, normal tone and I literally have to yell into or stick it into my mouth for it to relay anything I say. I figured that this was an issue with the USB adapter that it came with so I simply unplugged the adapter and started using the standard Audio/Mic jacks and it worked fine again until eventually the sound went out in my left channel. I assumed that it had just blown out and I had it RMA'd (One week before the one year warranty ended, lucky me). Anyways after a couple weeks Sound Blaster sends me a brand new pair, I plug it in, re-install the drivers (just in case) and low and behold. No audio in my left channel, again with the jacks. And the Mic issue with the adapter is still present. I figured maybe it's faulty drivers with Windows, and eventually I decided to reformat and install a fresh copy of windows. Now even with a fresh OS, the results are the same. However if I take my headset to another computer, it works perfectly fine, both via the USB adapter and the standard jacks.

    Note, when I use the standard jacks on my main PC, the left audio is sometimes perfect, then as audio continues, it slowly dies out and eventually audio is just lost on that side altogether, in which case I then have to unplug, and re-plug the device, which sometimes restores it.

    Some thoughts that come to mind, are:
    1. My PSU not getting enough power out (which cannot be the case, I recently purchased a new PSU and have since tested it. It performs at it's proper levels.)
    2. My motherboard's USB/Audio ports are defecting, however this isn't limited to just those ports, the front panel ports yield the same results (both USB and Audio/Mic)
    3. Somehow some sort of static/electrical buildup is happening to these ports and is essentially shorting them.

    Those are just my thoughts, however I figure a more specialized community like this could better help me diagnose and fix this problem. Lemme know your thoughts please. And thank you :>

    Also, would a plausible fix possibly be investing in a dedicated PCI sound card? If so, would anyone have any suggestions for a decent one that would comply to a gamer?

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    Re: Sound Blaster Sigma 3D issues.

    Hello Dxrom,

    This one is one of those cases where you just can't stop pulling your hair. IMO, I will go with number 2 or 3 on your list but before that, you may want to try to get a normal headphone/headset and connect it on your main PC. Observe whether you will be getting the same exact result after a period of time.

    Before you invest on a soundcard, I suggest you make sure the problem is not with the computer/motherboard. You still need to use USB ports for the headset (connect the USB adapter) so it will be a waste unless you intend to only use the standard audio/mic jacks. Hope others with a much better idea can help you as well.

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    Re: Sound Blaster Sigma 3D issues.

    I just wanted to add to this as an update.
    I was finally able to get a hold of creative and get my headphones RMAd. They sent me a brand new pair, in which had the same issue right off the bat. I have replaced the motherboard in my computer thinking that the USB/Audio inputs were shorting, this was not the case however. I then tested these on 6 other computers within my house, and the same results were yielded from these six different computers, brand new Sigma 3D headphones.

    I will have to contact Creative again about trying to get them replaced, and for anyone looking into these headphones, I do not suggest them.

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    Re: Sound Blaster Sigma 3D issues.

    ...I then tested these on 6 other computers within my house, and the same results were yielded from these six different computers, brand new Sigma 3D headphones...
    So now, the replacement headset will not work on all PC's? Previously, the issue was the headset worked perfectly (base on your first post) on another PC and the problem only happens on your main computer...this is weird.

    Here's hoping that everything will be ok with your new replacement.

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    Re: Sound Blaster Sigma 3D issues.

    I've got an idea. Have you tried them again with the THX ProStudio Pro USB Adapter? I had the same issue with my microphone as far as volume goes. Nobody on the Ventrilo servers I went to could understand me because I was so quiet. So, what I did was go to the support page and download the firmware for the headset adapter. Not the Beta, mind you. I tried that, thinking I already had a set of the latest firmware installed when I installed the driver pack. It yielded no better results. Try downloading the current build and see what that does for your USB adaptor.

    There's the page for ya. Let me know if it works. I know mine experienced all kinds of glitches working with my Realtek HD onboard sound. But when I could get it to work, it was dull and flat: it had no vibrance. Trust me, if you can get that mic issue fixed, and if the playback components of the headset works fine on the USB adaptor, it's well worth it.

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