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Thread: When Win7 becomes Win8??????

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    When Win7 becomes Win8??????

    What will owners of E-MU 0204 and similar do when Win8 is THE OS? Plug and play standards compliance does not ensure compatibility for ancilary software used to perform certain H/W configuration via S/W.

    Asked another way... Is E-MU being killed off by Creative through lack of support?

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    Re: When Win7 becomes Win8??????

    All the OS designed specially to support most of the software and driver but some how some driver and software doesn't support at all.
    As time increases operating systems upgraded but some of software and driver not.

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    Re: When Win7 becomes Win8??????

    I think 0204 Win7 Driver(ASIO2 ~24bit/96khz - ok, 24bit/192khz - failed/problems) is Final Curtain Call...

    Too many problems with 0204... They just gave it up...
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