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Thread: WIN 7 ~ Record "what you hear" "stereo mix"

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    WIN 7 ~ Record "what you hear" "stereo mix"

    is there a CREATIVE Sound Card that provides the "what you hear" or "stereo mix" option for the WIN 7 sound mixer?

    i'm seeking the capability of recording streaming audio w/Sony Sound Forge.


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    Re: WIN 7 ~ Record "what you hear" "stereo mix"

    i got the same problem as audigy value

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    Re: WIN 7 ~ Record "what you hear" "stereo mix"

    right-click on windows volume icon (notification area)
    > recording devices
    >> click on "what you hear" device
    >> click on properties (lower right)
    >>go to "listen" tab
    >> now check "listen to this device"

    That should do the trick, unless you're using some specific drivers.. For example Daniel_K driver UAA suite doesnt support this feature, while WDM version does.
    @ Creative X-FI Fatality Pro SB046A (Windows 7 x64 Pro SP1)

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    Re: WIN 7 ~ Record "what you hear" "stereo mix"

    To answer ariafx's question - which is a few months back, I recently read on the Creative Website, that many of the higher spec SoundBlaster products do enable Stereo Mix but a handful of the cheaper ones don't.
    The page that shows this is:

    This could establish what you ought to be able to get.


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