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Thread: SB Audigy Series Support Pack 4.5 (10/29/2012)

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    SB Audigy Series Support Pack 4.5 (10/29/2012)

    This software/driver pack is unofficial, not supported by Creative Labs.
    Use it at your own risk.

    Supports any model of the following Sound Blaster cards (based on Emu0kx DSP):

    - Audigy
    - Audigy 2
    - Audigy 2 ZS
    - Audigy 4

    For Audigy SE/LS/Value and Live! 24-bit cards, click here for a compatible version.

    Operating systems supported:

    32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows 8 RTM / 7 SP1 / Vista SP2 / XP SP3

    Included in the pack:

    - Audigy series driver 2.18.0017.9
    - ALchemy 1.43.27
    - Audio Console 1.33.02
    - DDL and DTS Connect License Activation 2.00.03 (*)
    - Dolby Digital Li've Pack 3.03.03 (*)
    - DTS Connect Pack 1.68.75 [modified 1.04.00] (*)
    - EAX Console 3.00.56 (Windows XP only)
    - Graphic Equalizer 2.10.01
    - MediaSource DVD-Audio Player 2.00.78
    - SoundFont Bank Manager 3.21.02
    - Speaker Settings 2.10.01
    - THX Setup Console 2.20.08 (Windows XP only)

    (*) Purchase and activation required, more info at

    Does this driver improve sound quality or performance Are there any tweaks ?

    No, this driver does not improve sound quality nor increase performance.

    No, there are no tweaks.

    If someone states that its driver improves sound quality and performance, you are being fooled, cheated.

    It is even worse that the so called tweaks come from a person who is not EVEN technically acknowledged, does NOT know anything about Windows internals, software engineering and sound fidelity that all audiophiles always look for.

    If you "feel" the sound better, that is the infamous placebo effect and there is no real proof that any tweaks work.

    In fact, I have yet to see a driver that states in its release notes that it improves sound quality.

    I've disassembled about every single .SYS driver, .DLL libraries and .EXE executables and found nothing.

    There are some undocumented registry values, but nothing related to sound quality or performance.

    Would the so called tweaks even exist, they would be in my Support Packs, you can bet that.

    Fixes and improvements:

    - Windows 8 support improvements for drivers, applications and setup.
    - Supports 64-bit DMA addresses, resolving issues with audio recording (static, distortion, crackling and no sound) - fixed by Creative, not enabled because of errors in INF file, thanks for the hint, though!
    - Fixes Headphone mode not sticking and reverting automatically to Speakers mode on Windows 8 / 7 / Vista.

    - Updates applications and shared components, enables HDMI output for DDL and DTS Interactive encoders.
    - Fixes Windows crash (BSOD) when you restart, shutdown or suspend Windows with Encoder activated.
    - Fixes high CPU usage when DTS Interacti've encoder is enabled on Windows XP/Server2003.
    - Fix the EAX Console installation error on Windows XP/Server2003.
    - Removes the Microsoft Audio Home Theater Effects to (try to) fix the static issue when playing audio using DirectSound interface.
    - Adds WaveRT interfaces for Windows 7/Vista
    - DTS Interacti've encoder now works on Windows XP without any tricks.
    - Fixes a cosmetic issue on Audio Console, encoder status now says DTS Interacti've.
    - Readds support for 64-bit OpenAL and 64-bit ASIO.
    - Fixes Microphone not available on Audigy cards on Windows 7 / Vista.
    - Enables support for WASAPI exclusi've-mode event-dri'ven playback, seems to be working just fine.
    - Fixes the enhancements errors in Windows mixer and Windows Media Player.
    - Adds Microsoft Audio Home Theather Effects for both Speakers and S/PDIF Out endpoints.
    - Includes Encoder Switcher to enable DTS Interacti've on Audigy cards.
    - Fixes the Audio Console "Internal application error" when enabling the DDL Encoder on localized installs.
    - Updates Audio Console to display DTS Interacti've in the Encoder tab when Encoder switcher is used.
    - Workarounds a bug that unexpectedly resets the speaker configuration.
    - Prevents an issue during installation on Windows 7/Vista that may result in low volume when certain enhancements are enabled.
    - Implements Hardware CMSS Headphone by using a workaround.
    - Updates all InstallShield setup scripts to support Windows 7.
    - Fixes installation INI to properly install applications depending on the detected OS.
    - Removes COM workaround for Equalizer, fixed by Creative.
    - Adds workaround to a memory corruption issue preventing Equalizer from starting on Windows 7/Vista.
    - Updates shared modules, responsi'veness on certain applications is improved.
    - Enables CMSS2 and Stereo Surround.
    - Fixes 32-bit ASIO not working on Windows 7 x64.
    - Fixes Encoder not available on Windows 7 x64 (related to fix above).
    - Sets default speaker setting to 5. to properly reset configs to their defaults during install (fixes Bass and Treble leves not set to 50% on Windows 7 / Vista).

    Undocumented fixes by Creative (not listed in the release notes):

    - Supports 64-bit DMA addresses
    - Fixes the 6.1 speaker configuration is incorrectly available on Windows 7 64-bit (documented).
    - Fixes the Enable Dolby Digital Live checkbox not staying checked when Audio Console is closed.
    - Fixes Equalizer Out of Memory error.
    - Fixes Equalizer settings being lost on Windows 7 / Vista when speaker configuration is changed.
    - Fixes low volume on Windows 7 / Vista when default format is set to anything higher than 6-bit, 48kHz.
    - Fixes MIDI instruments in Melodic Pool not playing when speaker setting is higher than 2. speakers.
    - Restores missing Microphone option in Surround Mixer (documented).
    - Fixes Microphone mute, volume and +20db boost controls.

    Release Notes:


    - Open the Charms bar (press the Windows logo key + C).

    - Select Settings -> Change PC Settings -> General

    - Scroll down and click on Restart Now (under Advanced startup) and wait.

    - Now choose Troubleshoot -> Advanced options -> Startup settings -> Restart.

    - When prompted, press the 7 or F7 key to Disable driver signature enforcement.

    - Now you can finally proceed with the Support Pack installation.

    Windows Security warning during driver installation

    When prompted with: "Windows can't verify the publisher of this driver software", choose "Install this driver software anyway".

    OpenAL 2D benchmark in RightMark 3DSound crashes your system

    Due to a driver bug, your system will crash if you run the OpenAL 2D benchmark using 63 buffers. No problem With 62 or fewer buffers. OpenAL 3D and OpenAL 3D + EAX benchmarks are not affected.

    Details: DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL (0x000000D) - ctoss2k.sys

    System crashes when shutting down or restarting Windows if Encoder is enabled

    Due to a driver bug, your system will crash if you try to shutdown or restart Windows with Encoder enabled.

    Details: SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION (0x0000003B) - ha0kx2k.sys

    Cannot hear any sound effects on Windows XP 64-bit (x64)

    This issue occurs because Windows uses the WaveOut driver interface, which is broken. All applications using the WaveOut interface are affected..

    MediaSource DVD-Audio Player system requirements

    - 32-bit edition of Windows 7 / Vista / XP
    - any Audigy 2, Audigy 2 ZS or Audigy 4 card

    Built-in Decoder on Windows 7 / Vista (requires Service Pack )

    To use the built-in decoder, make sure it is enabled in Audio Console.

    Select "SPDIF Out (Creative SB Audigy (WDM))" as the output device of your player and then configure the AC3/DTS filter to send the stream through SPDIF.

    When you restart your computer, the Tone settings (Bass and Treble) are not applied.

    Just readjust one of the controls one time per boot.

    Advanced EQ and Special FX not available on Windows 7 / Vista

    These presets don't work on Windows 7 / Vista.

    There is no sound in games with OpenAL support on Windows XP

    Disable Advanced EQ and Special FX selecting "No effect" before running the game or program.

    Equalizer settings are lost

    When you run a game with OpenAL support or using Creative ALchemy, the Equalizer settings are lost.

    Just run Equalizer and the saved setting is loaded automatically.

    Tone settings are reset when speaker configuration is changed

    Bass and treble settings are reset when speaker configuration is changed.

    DTS Encoder Switcher

    The Encoder Switcher is now part of Audio Console.

    A shortcut is created in the Programs -> Creative folder in Start Menu.

    For additional info, read thoroughly the ReadMe.txt file included in the \EncSwitcher folder where you extracted the Support Pack.

    On Windows 7/Vista, when using DTS Interacti've encoder, you MUST use ANOTHER SPDIF Out device, otherwise the CTAudSvc (Creative Audio Service) won't work properly (high CPU usage).

    Hardware CMSS Headphone

    To use the hardware CMSS you need to select "Disable all enhancements" in the "Enhancements" tab on:
    Playback Devices -> Speaker Properties

    Now check the Speaker configuration in "Playback devices".

    If it is Stereo, run Audio Console and change it to 4., 5. or 7. and only after that change it to Headphones.

    This procedure ensures that CMSS() will work after a Windows restart, otherwise only CMSS2 will work.

    MIDI Device Configuration Utility for Windows 7 / Vista

    Use this utility to change the MIDI playback device for 32-bit and 64-bit applications.


    Filename: Audigy_SupportPack_4_5.exe
    File size: 65.9 MB
    CRC32 hash: 3E88D45F
    SHA- hash: 3B13FF6334C9402D81997A4A4E7F83F5656125CF

    Remove all apps, driver then remove the Creative folders in the Program Files (x86) and Program Files folders.

    Mirrors: Billion Uploads

    All files are property of Creative Technology Ltd, unless otherwise noted.
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    Re: SB Audigy Series Support Pack 4.5 (10/29/2012)

    Support for Windows XP 32-bit and 64-bit still under testing, but is supported anyway.

    What a shame, the '64-bit DMA addresses' fix came too late.
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    Re: SB Audigy Series Support Pack 4.5 (10/29/2012)

    I see you're using 7-Zip 9.28 alpha, so I'm just letting you know that 9.30 alpha is available.

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    Re: SB Audigy Series Support Pack 4.5 (10/29/2012)

    Where did ALchemy 1.43.27 come from? Where can I download that by itself?

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    Re: SB Audigy Series Support Pack 4.5 (10/29/2012)

    @ Daniel_K

    This is just awesome from you!

    I have dusted off my old Audigy 2 ZS (I was using Soundmax 1988B onboard sound) and tested it with the v4.5 Audigy driver support pack on a Windows 7 x64 PC (sorry, no Windows 8 yet, I am broke now). Everything seems to work fine for now; I haven't found issues yet; I/O drive works too. I almost forgot how awesome the Audigy 2 ZS can be in terms of (re)producing sound/music etc., i.e. absolutely way better than most onboard sound.

    Anyway, thanks for this latest Audigy driver pack update with added Windows 8 support!


    It would be superb if a moderator would kindly make this and the others with driver support packs by Daniel_K into a sticky. It would be very helpful for people who have issues with finding the correct and functioning drivers for their (legacy) Audigy EMU10Kx soundcards, P17X soundcard and X-fi series soundcards.
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    Re: SB Audigy Series Support Pack 4.5 (10/29/2012)

    - Supports 64-bit DMA addresses, resolving issues with audio recording (static, distortion, crackling and no sound) - fixed by Creative, not enabled because of errors in INF file, thanks for the hint, though!
    ha, same bug exists in the XFI titanium driver, XFi_Config64.AddReg is not listed under either of the NTAMD64 addreg sections

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    Re: SB Audigy Series Support Pack 4.5 (10/29/2012)


    I am asking in a serious manner, can you post the fixed .INF for people in order to solve this problem?

    I do not want my post to sound like "Why dont you fix it then."

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    Re: SB Audigy Series Support Pack 4.5 (10/29/2012)

    If i find it changes any behavior for the better i will, im not about to throw something out there that will break peoples systems

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    Re: SB Audigy Series Support Pack 4.5 (10/29/2012)

    Quote Originally Posted by Daist
    Dear Sir,
    I registered 2 days ago and administrators have not yet activated my profile so I cannot write anything in the forum

    Can you please ask a question to Daniel_K on my behalf in the thread named "SB Audigy Series Support Pack 4.5"?

    This is what I want to ask:

    "Dear Daniel, can you please help me with CMSS 3D activation? Your driver (3.8) worked like a charm for me in Windows 7, but now I bought Windows 8 and the CMSS 3D is not working in any modes when the Speakers are set to 5.1 (though when it's set to Headphones, CMSS and CMSS2 work).

    I tried both 4.0 and 4.5 Packs, uninstalled codecs, Skype and Flash (just in case), uninstalled all Creative drivers and cleared the remaining files and registry settings with Driver Fusion, and the CMSS 3D is still not working. The modes just switch instantly without any effect. I have no idea just what to do to enable Stereo Surround.

    My OS is Windows 8 Professional x86 with Media Center, the soundcard is Audigy Platinum EX (SB0090)."

    Thank you!

    an unactivated user sent me this

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    Re: SB Audigy Series Support Pack 4.5 (10/29/2012)

    Quote Originally Posted by squall_leonhart View Post
    ha, same bug exists in the XFI titanium driver, XFi_Config64.AddReg is not listed under either of the NTAMD64 addreg sections
    Beware, what you are referring to is indeed correct, that is why I did not fix the "error" in my packs.

    For CA20K2 (Titanium series), the driver works just fine without that setting and enabling might have unknown side effects.

    The device and/or driver behaviour does not depend directly on that Dma64BitAddresses registry value, but in the way the driver was written to manage data transfers.

    For example, the Prelude driver for Windows Vista / 7 sets the Dma64BitAddresses to 0 (disabled), but it still works as intended and it is the only driver that works properly with nForce SLI chipsets.

    In contrast, the 64-bit version of the Prelude driver for Windows XP has Dma64BitAddresses set to 1 (enabled).

    Different approaches for every case.

    The 'typo' in this new Audigy driver is an exception and should not be taken as a rule.

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