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Thread: E-MU 1212M PCI with Windows 8?

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    E-MU 1212M PCI with Windows 8?

    I have a 1212M PCI (original version) running with Patchmix on Windows 7 64-bit without problems. I recently upgraded another PC to Windows 8 (legally for $14.99!) and find it much quicker and cleaner (the open-source Classic Shell deals with the whole Start screen interface issue quite nicely).

    So I'm thinking of upgrading my 1212M-equipped machine to Win8 while the cheap upgrade price is active ($39 for a win7 machine bought before June 2). I've looked around the net and haven't seen anything definitive about Win8 compatibility for PCI versions. Anyone with experience? Does Patchmix work ok? I know there are no official drivers to come, but I've also seen it said around that Win7 drivers work fine with Win8.

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    Re: E-MU 1212M PCI with Windows 8?

    I am successfully using 1616m PCIe on a Win 8 machine. I upgraded from 32bit win 7 to 32bit win 8 using the $14.99 upgrade. I am using the 1616m to rip vinyl.

    At first I didn't think the drivers were working right, since I would turn on the breakout box and the lights would be all maxed out like it was locked up. I had not yet installed the mixer software. After a couple of install/uninstall attempts of the drivers, I just ignored the lights on the box and installed the software. After that, all is well. Using Audacity I am capturing vinyl rips just fine to 96k/24. This was yesterday and today.

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    Re: E-MU 1212M PCI with Windows 8?

    EMU 0404 USB, 1820m, Windows 8, and Sonar

    0404 usb

    win 8 32 was only listing 16 bit drivers

    win 8 64 was not finding the device

    Kept getting a "file not found" error when trying to install from the program files folder.

    I opened the exe file with 7 zip

    copied the files in the audio\drivers folder
    ( C:\TempC\EMUU_PCAppDrv_US_1_40_00_BETA extracted\Audio\Drivers\driver )

    to the program files folder
    ( win 8 32 C:\Program Files\Creative Professional\Program\driver )
    ( win 8 64 C:\Program Files (x86)\Creative Professional\Program\driver )

    and I was happy.



    used the PCIe beta driver:

    And the patchmix application 1616M PCIe&subCatName=PCI/PCIe Audio/MIDI Interfaces&CatName=E-MU+%2f+Creative+Professional&VARSET=prodfaq:PRODFA Q_19007,VARSET=CategoryID:237

    Way fewer Sonar/computer freezes, and other weirdnesses.

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