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Thread: Experience with your Creative Player

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    Re: Experience with your Creative Player?

    Capacity - 30 GB
    DATE - 2007. November
    PRICE - 40000 HUF (At that time it was about 80 Euro)
    COUNTRY - Hungary
    ACCESSORIES - TV out cable, third party (4000 HUF ~5-8 Euro), Sennheiser CX300II (9000 HUF ~ 40 Euro)

    SOUND QUALITY - With correct EQ settings it is quite good
    USER INTERFACE - Yeah, very customizable and clear on the player. I don't use the software that came with it, i upload files using the MediaAudio plugin of Total Commander.
    BATTERY - Just checked today: 5 hours of video still, on it's display continuously. (I use the player on a daily basis since i purchased it, 2-3 hours/day with rare exceptions) [The videos were not customized for the player at all, general 75 MB/20 minutes tv rips]
    SOME COMMENTS - The player is not bug free at all, but fortunately i did not find any fatal problems. It does what it should perfectly, plays music and videos, sometimes better than my dedicated hardwares (dicx capable dvd player), but sometimes it does wierd things: it simply turns on the tv-out, and i cannot see anything until i reset it, sometimes the electrons from the battery simply fly out after a full charge and i need to charge it again (These are rare problems, but constant ones, they occur once in 3-4 months). Just a few days ago i thought that it is dead (again), i tried everything, but it did not work. I already started to check the net for a replacement player, when suddenly the disc checker of windows cured it for some reason
    Generally it could be better, but i am satisfied with the player very much. Still very smart, and always with me And it will be with me until it's hdd or battery will not die permanently.

    Just as a sidenote: will it's software/hardware specification ever be opened? Since it is not supported officially, rockbox would be cool (on my ipod [that is not my primary player ] it works quite fine).
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    Re: Experience with your Creative Player.


    Apologies. I meant to say there was nothing else on the market which met my requirements other than the Cowon j3. The other poster was unreasonably rude to you, but i was simply the victim of poor typing. Perhaps if creative sorted their crap out, we'd not be on here discussing alternati'ves.

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    Re: Experience with your Creative Player

    Type: Zen Style M300
    Capacity: 8 GB


    1) Poor volume.
    2) Touch buttons not very responsive and badly placed.
    3) You cannot browse file by folder. A big missing.


    1) Compact.
    2) Expandable with a SDHC card (up to 32 GB).
    3) Good battery duration (20 hours).
    4) Have radio.

    I'm disappointed.

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    Re: Experience with your Creative Player

    Can't remember all the details.

    My first "good" MP3 player was a Creative Nomad Jukebox 2 (biggest complaint about Creative! Please, can we have SIMPLER names?! ) This was back in 2002, I think. Huge by current standards -- about 2/3 the size of a portable CD player -- and it held 10 GB of MP3s. It had a user-replaceable battery, which I replaced in 2005. In 2007 the hard drive began to have problems, which is not bad at all considering that I only used it while hiking!

    Next player was a Creative Zen Sleek Photo. Great sound, easy to use, a lot smaller and lighter than the NJB2. The battery wore out by 2008. I wish it was user replaceable.

    I got a refurb Creative Vision:M before the ZSP battery died completely. An excellent player, the controls are similar to the ZSP but not as "twitchy." I still have it, but the battery doesn't hold much of a charge.

    The two everyday players I use currently are a 4 GB Creative Zen V Plus, and a 32 GB Creative Zen. The Zen is my absolute favorite, but the V plus is smaller and goes with me on short trips.

    I got my kids MuVo Slims for their first MP3 players, years ago. My daughter still has hers, with a new, user-replaceable battery. My son now has a Creative Mozaic.

    Obviously, I really like Creative players. They sound great and I've had no complaints about useability or reliability, going back almost 10 years!

    My only real gripe is that Creative has abandoned the idea of a user replaceable battery. However, this seems to be an industry trend.
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    Re: Experience with your Creative Player

    I have Ziisound T6.

    - Premium wireless speaker system with surround sound
    - Works with all compatible stereo Bluetooth devices
    - Digital 5.1 audio via USB

    I like it too much awesome sound with clarity and bass blaster

    God never made his work for man to mend vmware_happy.gif

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    Re: Experience with your Creative Player

    Zen Xtra 40 GB

    Model #DAP-HD0011

    manufactured 2003-4 (?)

    bought in 2004


    Price - $200+

    Operating System at time
    Windows 98 – At Time of Purchase

    I had Windows 98 Operating System and the device worked PERFECT. I know
    this device is old and I still love it. I can still hook-up this device to my
    home stereo for parties and etc.

    Operating System Windows 7 – NOW

    I can’t complain because this device has been awesome and only started
    having a minor problem in the last couple of years. However, I have a new
    laptop (Windows 7 OS) and my laptop will not recognize the device and I don’t
    see a driver for this device or firmware? I would love to add more music to the
    device, but my new laptop will not recognize the device. I have a lot of songs,
    but still want to add more and could use any workarounds or suggestions?
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    Thumbs up Re: Experience with your Creative Player

    Zen X-Fi 3
    8 GB
    August 2013
    The volume is extremely low due to an absolutely wrong European normative. However, MP3 manufacturers are not forced to adopt this normative. Or, at least, they can let user decide (other MP3 player producers have the option 'low/high volume'). I have to upload a non original firmware to my X-Fi 3 or I cannot use it (unaudible). When Creative will decide to give supports to its European customers about this issue?

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    Re: Experience with your Creative Player

    Zen Xtra (40 GB Model)
    New hard drive, 114 GBs free
    Used, bought on-line at auction site, approx. 100 USD, May 2005.
    Replaced hard drive ca. 2009.
    Replaced chassis ca. 2012.
    Re-formatted hard drive May 2014.
    Fully functioning.

    Still my one and only. Two years ago I had to buy a new chassis. Plays extremely well, high fidelity. Mediasource 3 works well with Windows 2000 Pro and Windows Vista Home. Recently I solved a problem with saving playlists by re-formatting the hard drive and re-loading everything from scratch.

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    Re: Experience with your Creative Player

    Absolutely loved my Zen Vision W, despite it's size and weight. Loved the large screen and the 60G capacity. It lasted about 6 years I guess. Was able to revive with some resets and re-formats but it won't work right anymore. Still boots up and starts playing okay but whatever button you hit after that it goes starts spazzing out between pause and rewind modes. Options seem limited for 60G players (that handle WMA files). I just bought a used ZV M 60G and it boots up fine but my computer (PC, W7) will not recognize the M unit. I would say my biggest complaint is total lack of support for legacy products. The ZVW was very expensive when I bought it new and just because a company decides not to sell them anymore, it would be nice if there were support options for existing customers, just to create brand loyalty if nothing else.

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    Re: Experience with your Creative Player

    I have NOT experienced any of the installation problems others have described. I DID follow the recommended installation instructions.... I INSTALLED THE SOFTWARE FIRST!!
    Importing and transferring music was a SNAP!----you are so smart,i spend much time...

    etui nexus 6
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