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Thread: SB Audigy Series Support Pack 6.0 (08/13/2015)

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    Re: SB Audigy Series Support Pack 6.0 (08/13/2015)

    Thanks for sharing.

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    Re: SB Audigy Series Support Pack 6.0 (08/13/2015)

    Hi, I remember having issues with DDL/DTS Connect and my Audigy 2 ZS in win 7 x64 bit,
    meaning sound stopping or becoming distorted/crackling after a while when using/enabling DDL/DTS connect..

    now, in Windows 10 x64 Home build 1607 (14393.693),
    I cant even manage to get the encoder tab to show up in the audio console:
    fresh install of win 10>inserting audigy 2 zs>fresh install of audigy support pack 6.2>activating DDL (ok) = no encoder tab

    I then followed the recommendations from another thread by someone having similar issues,
    basically suggesting to remove everything and do a new installation and DDL activation with support pack 5.1(or 5.3?) first ..
    however, this way the encoder tab also still won't show up..

    so I was wondering, if someone has been recently able to get the DDL/encoder tab working with any audigy 2 zs support pack on an up to date Windows 10 x64 version?


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