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Thread: Windows or mainboard think Sound Blaster ZxR is Recon3D.

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    Windows or mainboard think Sound Blaster ZxR is Recon3D.

    For some reason I cant get Soundblaster Zr to install properly. The machine insists it's a Recon3D. If I strip out the drivers with Driver Sweeper and CCleaner then move the card to a different slot, I can get the installation to recognize the card and install. But as soon as I reboot it reverts back to a Recon3D and nothing works. I don't have a clue why this would be happening, it started when I was trying out Windows 10 - but that seems like a coincidence. I don't think the card is faulty, I can get it to work properly on other mainboards.

    The board, a MSI Z97 G45 Gaming, initially ran the card fine. When I contacted them, said it was a problem with Creative's drivers (typical!). I suspect there is some obscure incompatibility between this board and the card, possibly related to whatever enables the Sound Blaster Cinema software, but who knows. I've never seen anything like this.

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    Re: Windows or mainboard think SB Zr is Recon3d.

    it's windows, are you on windows 10 by any chance? i have a zxr and i noticed something wrong with my sound the other day. i checked my hardware via my computer and noticed i had some **** called Recon3d installed. I uninstalled it and reinstalled my zxr drivers and my sound was back to normal. I ran a windows update and what do you know, it was prompting to install Creative Recond3d again.

    download this tool to prevent windows from installing recon3d

    can a mod sticky this? i feel like a ton of people are going to have this issue due to windows update

    edit: sorry i read your post fast, it is indeed windows 10 update.

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