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Thread: No singnal via WDM input on 1616M PCI under Win 7 64-bit

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    Question No singnal via WDM input on 1616M PCI under Win 7 64-bit

    Hello to everyone.

    I would like to ask the original PCI-based E-MU card owners, running the device under Win 7 (64-bit), for help. I'm really getting desperate with this. After upgrading to a new rig (i7-6700K on Gigabyte Z170-D3H) I can't seem to get any WDM input for my 1616M PCI.

    I used 2.30 BETA drivers and 2.20 PatchMix app. The playback is flawless inside Windows (for normal WDM-based applications such as WinAmp, VLC, but also Aobe Audition etc) when I sync the sampling rate/bit depth inside PatchMix with the Windows settings (currently 48 kHz at 24bit). HOWEVER, I can't record anything (absolutely no sound) for WDM-based applications (Skype etc). Here I enclose a screen to demonstrate what I mean:

    To see what I mean:

    Here I enclose the DxDiag report:
    and here is the PatchMix/Driver version I'm running:

    I have an input strip for my microphone input (using Fostex VC-7 ADAT interface connected to 1010M card), which indicates the signal correctly (when I unmute the strip, I can perfectly monitor the incoming signal). The WAVE L/R - HOST send should be sending the signal to Windows but it DOES NOT, no matter what I try (e.g. changing the sample rate etc.) - as it can be seen in Adobe Audition recording via E-MU DSP in the background. In the past, the E-MU WDM input worked just fine under WinXP...

    Can you help me, please? Thanks so much in advance!
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    Re: No singnal via WDM input on 1616M PCI under Win 7 64-bit

    Someone on the Reaper forum suggested using 2.1 of the application - This person reckoned that Windows 7 x64 worked very well for ASIO and WDM drivers using 2.1 Application & 2.3 BETA driver - He also suggested this was the only combination that worked on x64 Windows 7

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