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Thread: Emulator X3 works on Win 10 x64; Proteues X2, X1.5 works on Win 10 x86

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    Emulator X3 works on Win 10 x64; Proteues X2, X1.5 works on Win 10 x86

    I am happily stuck with:-
    Emu Proteus X2 by buying Emu XMIDI 2x2
    Emu Proteus X1.5 by buying Emu XBOARD61
    and Emulator X3 purchased outright because Upgrade from Proteus X2 costed more than buying Emulator X3 outright.

    Emulator X3 works on Windows 10 x64 and Proteus X2, X1.5 works on Windows 10 x86

    The only thing that does not work on Win 10 X64 is the bundled Chicken System Emulator X2 translator.

    Since I could not get EMU sound card in Australia, I was happy to get the Soundblaster Audigy RX which has an EMU chipset on it.

    Because the Soundblaster Audigy RX driver shamefully only supports ASIO at 96,000Hz, I was able to use Emulator X3 to convert all sound samples to 24bits 96,000Hz. They sounded much better after conversion.

    I am a happy owner though since I was able to buy brand new (unopened) THE MODERN SYMPHINY ORCHESTRA and THE PLATINUM 88 Piano for about USD50 each from ebay.

    I just wish that Creative would come out with Emulator X4 since Emulator X3 is BEST.
    The reason, it failed to sell was probably because Emulator X3 did not support encryption of samplesets (to protect sample-sets vendors) and lack of support for GM2.
    I am able to use GM2 on Emulator X3 ONLY by using Harmony Assistant which provided a mapping of GM2 banks to Emulator X3 banks.

    For Owners of Proteus X2, (or Emulator X2) just get a 4GB Windows !0 (32 bits) PC and you can still get quality sound from Gigabyes of samples.
    They key is to load the Original EMU XP drivers that came with your EMU products on Win 10 (32 bits only).
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    Re: Emulator X3 works on Win 10 x64; Proteues X2, X1.5 works on Win 10 x86


    Are you serious - Emulator X3 x64 works on Windows 10 x64 ? - This is great news - I couldn't get it to work on Windows 7 and there was a big stink about it - So I got bought Vista x64 because that is what it was supported on.

    Does it work fully? - No graphics problems at all?

    I've also got Proteus X2 which works on XP 32bit -

    This is good news if it works well

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