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Thread: Card designed seemingly 'upside down'?

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    Card designed seemingly 'upside down'?


    Just bought the Soundblaster Z for my new PC and I'm very happy with the sound over the onboard sound it had but one thing puzzles me. Creative go to the trouble of designing and constructing a nice looking sound card but once installed, I'm left staring at the PCB board of the bottom of the card. My case sits on the floor and the only way to see the 'good' side of the sound card would be to put the case above eye level or lie on the floor!

    So, are there 'left' and 'right' motherboards or is this an oversight?

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    Re: Card designed seemingly 'upside down'?

    This is fairly normal. PCIe cards generally have the major components facing down when installed in a standard ATX configuration, simply because that's the way the interface and bracket are oriented - the PCIe port itself runs along the top, with the bracket extending downwards. As a result, if one company were to put major components on the other side they'll create a situation where it's possible for the components on two cards to come into physical contact with each other (not a good thing).

    There are, however, cases which invert the standard ATX layout by putting the motherboard on the opposite side. I'm using one myself (Silverstone TJ08B-E), not so much because of that feature (it actually harms some designs due to the inversion, such as graphics cards with axial fans) but because it's a nice case. There was also a briefly spruiked BTX design which did much the same thing with more design considerations (dedicated channels for CPU cooling, etc), though it never really took off.

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