Newly acquired Sound Blaster Z on its way here. What I need to know?
-So far Im wondering if im going to be able to use 'THX Console 3.50.09' or older. The reason is because my room is kinda rectangular so my 5.1 placement is kinda funky and I need the 'Angle(Deg)' option of the THx speaker set up/position.

-Why the PCB of the SBZ looks so empty compared to a low profile SB X-FI Extreme Gamer?(you know like capacitors and stuff)

-Why the X-FI Extreme Gamer had the (great IMO)function of switching modes entertainment/game and the SBZ not? One way I used that functionality was so that I can set the bass(level) knob to 44 for entertainment mode and 50 while at game mode. So I don't have to bother the neighbors while listening to music and at the same time getting away with a bass level as loud a I could(44).
Does not having to change mode has to do with x-ram,present on the XGamer and not present on the SBZ and Hal being removed from Win OSs?

Ty,appreciate it.