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Thread: Outlier Sports, sweat proof?

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    Question Outlier Sports, sweat proof?

    Creative forum, It's great to be here.

    I'm here in search of some advice from the users themselves hopefully. But let me start from the beginning-ish. About 2 years ago I decided to make a change in my life and get myself into a healthier physical condition. I started hitting the gym 4 times a week and all the work has paid off with no complaints!

    Anyway, Sweat proof? This is a huge problem I have been having at the gym since I started. When I'm pumping away in the gym I sweat like a dude on a murder charge. The amount of earphones/headphone that I have been through is uncountable. Then I came across the Outlier sports sweat proof in-ear headphones and it seems like my prayers have been answered. Byt have they? This is where you guys come in, have any of you got experience with these headphones?? And another very important question is, How good is the sound quality on these??

    Being the price is $70 I would have thought that they were at the top of their league of sweat proof headphones? but I could be wrong? Looking forward to speaking with you guys and seeing what these headphones are all about.



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    Re: Outlier Sports, sweat proof?

    Well.......... I was looking for some Creative answers.... Pun intended hahaha Where are all the users at?

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    Re: Outlier Sports, sweat proof?

    For any of you guys that have been reading. I have had a PM off of one of the pros who has given me good news and few extra details than expected. Thanks.

    The Headphones are fully sweatproof and work great, I will be ordering a pair soon and be leaving a review. I doubt I will get sponsored a pair ("wink wink") so I will have to get them from a site I use and see where they take me in the gym!!

    Back soon guys

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