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Thread: Audigy 2 ZS how to get DDLIVE?

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    Audigy 2 ZS how to get DDLIVE?

    Hi guys,

    I bought a second hand Audigy 2 ZS so I could use DDLIVE to give me 5.1 when playing games over spdif. The card did not come with the code, anyone know how I can enable it?

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    Re: Audigy 2 ZS how to get DDLIVE?

    Same question here, same situation. Second hand card, no box or brochures. Just the CDs. I'd love to use DDL or DTS-C for gaming since any software solution comes with latency. (In my case ASIO (Audigy) to WASAPI (HDMI to amp).

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    Re: Audigy 2 ZS how to get DDLIVE?

    Neither the Audigys nor the PCI-X-Fis came with DDL or DTS-Connect. Both were made available for purchase in the creative online sotr much later with a different package for Audigys and X-Fis respectively (For Audigys it was just DDL in name, but you could use DTS aswell).
    Unfortunately Creative stopped selling those last year, so unless you get your hands on a used code somewhere (e.g. ebay) there is no chance.
    A free alternative is AC3filter.

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