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Thread: Extreme audio delay in w10 CU ( build 15063)

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    Extreme audio delay in w10 CU ( build 15063)

    So with the latest build of windows i suddenly found my soundcard delays a lot with non-dolby/dts material.

    Everything like streaming or browser related video delays really badly.

    I've tried multiple drivers ( Daniel k's support pack 4.0, and also the wdm drivers )
    Does anyone here have a clue on where to start looking for the problem?

    Card: x-fi pci fatal1ty
    cpu: intel core i7 920 ( first gen)
    Mainbboard : asus p6t deluxe v2
    Memory: 24 gb
    graphics: amd radeon r9 270
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    Re: Extreme audio delay in w10 CU ( build 15063)

    What sample rate is your card set?
    It works perfectly fine on my Titanium HD, but I admit this is the card with the best Windows 10 drivers.

    Is your card able to function with the generic Intel HD Audio driver from Microsoft? Did you try it? If so, do you still perceive the delay?

    You can also try resetting Windows and re-installing the drivers.

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