Hey folks,

I've been recently successfully mapping my Audigy's output via 3DELITE's "DS ASIO WASAPI Router Mixer" to the HDMI audio of my graphics card without noticable latency. However, on some games I noticed that simply mapping the 8 capture channels of the Audigy isn't enough and channels 11 and 12 need to be implemented. Channel 11 is rear middle, which of course needs to be routed to both rear left and rear right of the HDMI 8 channel signal. However, I don't quite get the purpose of channel 12. When playing Carnivores 2 for example the weapon shots are used by this channel. So I looked for a list of ASIO channels but couldn't find one. Maybe you can help me fulfill the list?

01: Analog Mix L
02: Analog Mix R
03: What U Hear L
04: What U Hear R

05: Front left output
06: Front right output
07: Rear left output
08: Rear right output
09: Center output
10: LFE output
11: Rear middle output
12: ????? (Ceiling speaker?)
13: Side left output
14: Side right output

15: S/PDIF L
16: S/PDIF R
17: Line-In 2 L
18: Line-In 2 R
19: Aux 2 L
20: Aux 2 R
21: Mic In L
22: Mic In R

Any hint is appreciated.