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    Emu 1820m


    I know it's an old system but I've been able to get hold of an EMU 1820M - I've found one or two resources online outlining what should be included in the box.

    Should all these items be included in the box?

    • Mini-DIN MIDI adapter cable
    • Headphone splitter cable
    • PC power cable

    I figure the mini-DIN MIDI adapter cable should be as it is for the sync daughter card but I do not have one included in the box - Is this specific to EMU? - Could one be obtained elsewhere? - Was this for MTC? [MIDI TIME CODE] not for MIDI instruments?

    There was no headphone splitter cable but this is overcome if one is needed

    PC Power cable - I could not see a power supply unit but maybe EMU 1820M is powered through the PCI-e card and the 3 metre connection cable - There is no connection point on EMU 1820M for a PSU cable.......

    But there is a 4 pin connection on the 1010 PCI card for the 1820M for a power cable with 4 pins to go into the 1010 card and then into a hard disk drive or the computer PSU to obtain power. All good PC PSU's have one of these cables included

    Any accurate information information appreciated for clarity - Thanks
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