I have owned an AE-5 for the past few days and I am getting pops when switching between audio tracks, starting and stopping or when dropping in on the track timeline. I have uninstalled the previous Realtek drivers and clean installed the Creative driver to no avail. It's my understanding that Creative use an ASIO driver for the card so I was expecting very clean audio.

I ran Fruity Loops to test the cards latency. In the audio setup options the AE-5 is available as both a DirectSound device and as an ASIO device. Using the AE-5 as DirectSound has very poor latency as you would expect from a non ASIO device. When I try to set the Input/output device to SoundBlaster AE series ASIO device I don't get any sound from it.

So I am wondering if I don't have ASIO configured properly for the AE-5? I have looked everywhere but can't find any latency specific settings like buffer options etc. The card sound sounds great but for an ASIO device I was expecting clean audio. Would appreciate any help!