Hey guys,

I have an Ant Lion Modmic 5 plugged into my new AE-5 and it sits just to the left and out in front of my mouth like you would expect on any gaming headset. At the moment people are struggling to hear me over discord / skype / steam chat ect.

If i turn the mic boost in "recording devices" up to +30db people can hear me but with a lot of background hiss like you would expect with this much boost I guess?

If i plug the mic back into my ASUS Hero IX motherboard and use onboard line-in it works great with 0 - 10db boost and people can hear me clearly.

I have tried a few combinations of noise cancling both on the microphone and in the Sound Blaster Connect 2 Panel but it doesnt seem to make any difference.

Am I missing something or is the AE-5 just not as good for mic volume?

Completely the opposite story for audio out to my headphones btw, couldn't be happier with the quality of the sound coming off the card! Massive improvement from onboard with my AKG 712 Pro's

Thanks !