ver 5.25.02
Windows 7 Pro
I have been using Creative / Sound
Blaster for many years.
Have had small problems but nothing like this.!

I lost all my music in Media source 5. All the Playlists are gone as is the songs that I have imported. NOTHING. I know where the songs are at on my Hard Drive. They just all got up and left my Creative player ****!
Same in the Smart Play Lists. If I were to clk on Slow Music, or favorites... I get a message No tracks found please modify the
smart playlist criteria....

It still works. I can move a song into it and it will play.\

I noticed in the settings (TOOLS/settings) in the PC Music Library tab a section: Backup Active PC Music Library Database. In which it gives me the option to "restore" the database. Also a path to the database folder which I checked out and it has some files in it of which I am not familiar with. So I left alone.

I have no idea of how to get my music back into the MediaSource Player. Without making new playlists which would take a very long time. I would like to get it back to having all my playlist as they were along with the single songs themselves.
Was thinking about a system restore.
Any help is appreciated, really appreciated I am stuck.